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Hello world!

New Years Resolution, starting a blog! I’ve been wanting to do this forever, and yeah it took me till 2021 to start. It seems with COVID there is a new way of trying to live life in different ways. I was a homebody (key my blogger name) and all I was trying to do was live my life. Everything around us was changing, thank god me and my husband were ok and we didn’t lose our jobs during it all. Now, can I say I didn’t become a wineoholic nope I’m certain now that I will be writing on every paperwork at the doctors office that I drink every day (tell me I won’t lie on it still though). I know you probably read my about me page (if you didn’t what are you doing here?) but I’ve been wanting to start becoming a better me, but how are you suppose to become a better you without knowing that you aren’t as put it together as you think you are <insert anxiety>. I don’t write blogs because I just want to become an author (I didn’t pass English class for that) but because writing down helps you focus on the important stuff. If you personally know me, I am not a happy go lucky always in a great mood person. I am in fact a perfertisont, a workaholic, a total asshole, BUT I am that person that will push beyond your limits, be there for you, and will always lend a hand even if its the last $2 in my pocket. My journey thru life has always been scary, difficult and with a lot of anxiety. I just can’t help the fact that my real life journal is about to become your life journey or as I hope so. I have done some pretty bad things (sorry not sorry mom) and some really great things too. In this story, we have to start from the beginning. Well, not that early because then this well be a very very long blog (and my foot has officially started falling asleep). I was born in Chicago, and raised in a town in south jersey, where there is a lot of land and nothing really else to do. When my mother and father decided to divorce I came to live in this town in south jersey with my godfather and my grandmother (yup, my father aka sperm donor didn’t care for me and my brother but thats daddy issues that we won’t get into right now). Now, I was raised with a strict old school Puerto Rican grandmother who raised you to be a respectful woman (I know people can relate to that). I can’t say she didn’t teach me well but, boy I hated it then. I wasn’t allowed to play outside with the boys because girls were suppose to be inside cooking and cleaning of course. Who wasn’t raised with grandparents that weren’t strict with you. I’ve learned my great wife duties with my grandmother and mother because of it. I lived with them for years until my mom decided that she will get her own place. It was great and we have so many great memories I still remember the first meal we had there me and my brother shard a 20 piece nuggets and a supersize fries (remember those 90’s babies) with my mom on a huge ass microwave because we didn’t have any furniture at all yet, those were the times. Even though my struggles have made me become who am I now, I feel there is still something I haven’t learned or gained from this. To be the best version of myself, to be happy of what I’ve become, to love myself in every stretch mark, every tear, and every smile. After 2020 being the year it’s been, I think I can say with half the world reading this 2021 its time to reflect on my life, my insecurities, and do everything that I always told myself that I can’t do. This year I want to turn it into I CAN DO THIS!

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Love this introduction of yourself. I pray that you keep this up and are able to heal your head and your heart through writing. I love you and I’m looking forward to reading everything you write!

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