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It’s been a while.

Its been a while since I wrote, trust me I know it. I haven’t been myself lately. I’ve been trying to do all the other things that I had in my new year new me ish. For example, making sure I write in my journal, or making sure I eat better (I know thats everyone but I’m doing it for different reasons lol) or decluttering my home and etc. Its been a whole anxiety attack from here, I’m trying to do one room at a time, like every weekend I plan to declutter a room and I end up sitting on my couch watching t.v. I mean who doesn’t stare at the messy closet thinking they are getting it done today but just end up on social media. Like right now, instead of cleaning my closet I decided to pop on some jazz music and start writing, yes of course I be throwing down some Kenny G. I got music for every mood I’m in, I love every genre of music. Back to what I was trying to say was I’m been slacking on this blogging stuff, but trust me I’ve been doing everything I promised myself I was going to start doing.

First things first, I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes down to the blogging game, I would I rather be journaling, but I wonder do they have computer ones? Truthfully, I write to hard to write in a journal, trust me my hands hurt writing a paragraph, if I could carry my lap top at all times and journal that would be my best route. I love to write but my hand hurting writing a paragraph is an issue, thats why I choose to blog. You don’t have to love everything about what I write but I write for my own sake and not for anyone else. I write for me, and only me.

Add music and writing and your at peace, your at your element and you get into the zone. Try it, go into a room thats quiet, add some relaxing music and a journal or a laptop and tell me you don’t feel the same. My space is my she den, I have a fireplace and a huge desk, now its not kept away because my dogs want to be up my butt, but I add some music and sit on my comfy ass chair and a girl goes. Now, you might ask what the heck is she den, well its like a man cave, craft room, whatever your space is called in that part of the house where its yours. My she den has my books, my unused circuit machine, my computer and my friends decor.

Singing inserted… my song is on, and I know you know this song, its Sade “Smooth Operator”. Anyways, my element is simple, music and a quiet room with a laptop, or a book and thats it. Now, in the streets my element is Target and Home Goods, and Starbucks thats a girls ish right there.

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