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Night Routine

What helps you destress, unwind, or even relax. Are you the person who sits on TikTok for hours and goes to bed at 2am. That used to be me but, my unwind is different now I’m a early bird and I rather be up early then be late in bed. I rather go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 530am. I know who even does that but thats me, I feel like I get it from my mom. I love to go to work early too even if I hate the job.

My unwind process is… I make sure my purifier is on, my humidifier is on, my diffuser is on with lavender essential oil, my vicks is rubbed all over (asthma and allergies are on another level) and I spray essential oils on my bed and pillows. Now trust me it doesn’t work every night BUT it does work 90% of the time. Who would have thought simple things like that make such a huge difference. I also been in the habit of working out, I’m trying to push myself to be better then I was yesterday. Now, not all everyday I’m better, but so far I’ve been doing good. I write in my journal, I make sure I did my nightly routine, and honestly it has helped my anxiety a lot. I have cut back on my therapy sessions to once a month just for a mental health check. Trust me having therapy sessions has done great for me but, it’s to the point that I feel like I don’t need my therapist at all, BUT I still take anxiety medication.

Is it crazy that, having a night routine helps your anxiety so much. People think I’m crazy when I go to bed at almost the same time every night, and doing the little things I listed above but, it truly helps.

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