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Mothers day

Is it crazy that every mother’s day I stay home, I every year try to be away from family. Of course I see my mother, mother in law, grandma and my best friend. Anyone else I don’t, I love to be home where I can be myself and not have to run into anyone saying happy mothers day. I’m not a mother and I get awfully sad and want to be in my safe haven where I can be me, where I can watch ID channel and drink wine, even read a book. Yes it’s been 7years but, trying to conceive unsuccessfully, and trying to be a foster mom with not being able to because covid it saddens you. Trust me, I am a proud fur mama, but at the end of the day my pcos takes over, my anxiety, my sadness just trials me and I feel the need to keep myself away. No one understands that failure I have towards not being able to really celebrate mother’s day like a true mother should be.

I mean I love being a dog mother trust me I do, its easy and I’m such animal lover. I’m still failing on the one thing that I don’t have and that is a child. I’ve bought fertility supplements to see if we can get pregant that secretly me and Anthony have been trying.

Mother’s Day still sucks and if you don’t know the struggles of trying to conceive or loss of child you wouldn’t know the stress, the sadness, and the heartache of dealing with mother’s day today and the years to come.

When I say that when I’m at work and people say “Happy Mother’s Day” it’s the most saddest thing you would say to mother who has been hurt, who has been disappointed, and who has loss, just watch what you say on this day because that small thing you say can hurt 1000 more then what you mean.

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