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Interior Design?

I’ve been in health care for years lets say more the 7rs. Ever since I bought my home I’ve been dreaming of being an interior designer, I love colors, styles and its everything and more. Of course, when you buy your home you want to design the way you want it but, I always read about every different style. Of course it’s competitive and of course no one knows that in my soul I love walking into different homes and just seeing the way people decorate, the colors they have, and what gives them inspiration gives me so much vibes. It’s crazy because who would’ve thought that owning a home would give me a vision that I never knew I had.

My head always runs a thousand times, I would walk around stores, and even the house 17million times before I find the right pot or the right chair. It’s what I love to do but, would I even be successful that’s my question and also what my anxiety is afraid of. I would love to though but, I’m not great with social media or with followers, and I am a bit of a introvert (insert shrug emoji).

I love to sit on my couch and to watch HGTV, I love every show on it, just to see every different style and colors. I love the fact that you can play with colors, and different styles mixing modern farmhouse with a little bit of Boho.I don’t know if I’m crazy or just inspired but, I feel like walking into any home decor or fabric store just gives me the sense of peace.

My style is modern farmhouse I love a touch of old mix with a little bit of modern vibe. I love a little bit of everything actually, even boho, I love having baskets, and having plants in every room.

I don’t know if I’m crazy or just trying to figure out my life but, I just don’t know what life holds for me, and if this is my path or my journey that I might want to look into this.

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