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F*** It.

I attempt once again to try another way to get pregnant, I read on a article that people tried these vitamins and they conceived in the first 30days of trying it. Trust me I even read the reviews it had 14,000 reviews on amazon, I was like mean this is great I’m going to try this. Insert eye roll, 30 days later guess who got their menstrual, stupid shit didn’t work. I feel like now I have attempted my last restort. I just feel like now its been 7yrs of heartache and trying different ways that I just shrug my shoulders and say “fuck it!”, let’s find a new journey because this isn’t working. I’ve wanted this for so long and all it keeps doing is letting me down over, over and over 100million times again, month after month.

Mentally, when it comes to having a baby it’s whatever now of course I still want a child but, I’m not trying anymore. Now, I will work on me which, is the whole reason why I starting blogging; I mean since me blogging I’ve had less anxiety. I am not cured though trust me, but it’s good that I don’t have to take my medications all the time.

I started working out and it has been helping with stress and anxiety, not the weight loss yet. Trying to build my self confidence, because I am my worst enemy. I put myself down harder then any one else does. Your judgement may hurt but my words to myself hurt more.

On the next chapter rant you may find things about me that you may have known or not but, who said my story was finished? We got a long way before I find my true me.

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