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Self development. One key word that you always want to strive for. Let’s face it, no one is perfect, no one can wake up in the morning and even say “I’m perfect, successful, have a great family, great house and I don’t need to change”.

I try to work on me and find different ways to make me better, I mean thats the whole reason why I’m blogging duh. Today, I bought 2 journals, opposite but something I lack that I want to try.

First one, is called “Progress over Perfection” now this one is about helping you achieve anything you set your mind to without the pressure of doing everything. That one I want to be able to be successful, not feel like I’m overdoing it, or feel stressed about the fact that it isn’t helping. Not everyone can be a famous tiktok, or youtuber, I really wish though. I just want to have the courage to be able to do what I want and be happy no matter what the outcome should be.

Next journal, is called “Everyday Calm” this one the title states it all. I want to be able to try to find different ways to cope with anxiety. I want to be able to feel peace, tranquility, and find me. I want to be able to destress myself, heal mind, body, and spirit. Yeah, I have therapy, and medication. Do I want to rely on that forever, no.

These books, I want to try and see what they do for me, if they help I would deff be recommending, so you can have the courage and the strength to find yourself.

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