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Setting yourself goals is easy, you make yourself a list, you give yourself this huge pep talk to get it done, even if small or big goals. Then, its like 5 months and your goals haven’t been met. You start to be your worst enemy telling your self that you suck, and you can never do anything. I mean you may not talk to your self like that but I do. I try to make small goals, never the big ones. I get scared to easily or I forget to do it.

One of my goals was to become a blogger, which I did. Am I where I wanted to be, nope I’m just a baby blogger but hey I have to give myself some credit, I started it.

My other goal is to get healthy and to work out. Well, of course that’s everyones goal right. You get this huge health kick, you do it for like a month, and then boom, you went to McDonald’s after being at target all day and get yourself a mc chicken. Hey I get it you’re allowed to eat, don’t deprive yourself, but you talk to yourself and you quit saying that you didn’t do it the right way and you messed up.

The other goal, is to be the best that I can be and be truly happy. That goal it is what I strive everyday and trust me my method right now it’s working, I care less what people say, and I don’t feel the need to care as much as I have been. It’s way better then crying about it later.

My small goals you ask? Post a blog every Sunday, work out 5x times a week, read a book, and write in my journal. Making sure that I meal prep on Sundays, listen to my relaxing music playlist on my journal/blogging days, and less social media (still working on that, dang you tiktok). I’m trying to stop taking work so serious, relax more, take a bath once a week, and date night. As well as making my bed every morning, saying a prayer, drink water, don’t over snack and less eating out.

I mean who doesn’t have goals, who doesn’t feel like a checklist is necessary. We are human, we are trying to strive to be better. I know when my goals get to far away I start talking myself down, and I start saying all the negative stuff that I haven’t done. I mean can you blame me for being that way?! I strive to be a perfectionist but of course my anxiety takes over and I start being this crazy psycho OCD bitch. Who everyone always ask me like wtf is wrong with you??

Yeah I get it I’m not perfect but, I do try to be. I try to be this person who has their shit together, who looks like their house is clean, and who never makes any mistakes. Ha that’s funny, trust me their is so much dog hair on my wooden floors from my husky which me and my husband try to vacuum everyday. I try to keep my house clean that’s what everyone else sees but, my room yeah tha’ts a different story. See I have an issue of trying to look like I got shit together but, really I’m a human with 4 dogs a husband, and a house.

My goals maybe different but, everyone has their own goals they’re chasing.Do what you have to do to complete them, write them down, and checked them off once you do it. I know I do on my journal, I cross them off every time I do it in the week or the month, and I give myself a pat and the back. I have less anxiety when I do get them checked off. Now, trust me, my anxiety gets bad when I dont do a task so I end up feeling defeated but I keep my head high and I strive for next week. Who said I was perfect? shit happens!

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