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My last letter

The things I want to say, is the things I didn’t expect to say so soon. I wish I had million years but this time I only have this. I never expected that I would have to say goodbye so, I wrote you my last letter to show you that you did something for me and I never had a chance to tell you. A time of my life that I never regretted.

I know you’re not here right now but this letter must be written, for this letter isn’t for the world but it’s for me. This letter is to tell you how much you really meant to me.

I am grateful for you being you and for being the one who didn’t care what people said, you were a rebel and I loved you for that. You were you no matter what people thought of you.

You helped me in a lot of ways, that you didn’t know, or I didn’t express to you, but I thank you. I thank you for being the person who saved me when I turned 18 because, my childhood wasn’t perfect. Who showed me that I wasn’t at fault for the things that had happened. You gave me security, where growing up I didn’t have. You loved me not because we were family but, you considered me as one of your kids.

You were the first person who met my now husband, and he will always cherish you as much as I did. We didn’t talk as much as we did before but, every time we saw each other, or wrote to each other, it’s like we didn’t miss a beat. I mean you even got me drunk for the first time ever (gosh I hated throwing up that night). We went shopping, countless car rides, where we sang and danced all the time. We did Zumba classes all the time, gosh how much you loved to dance and I cooked while you always baked. You always gave me advice on everything, you taught me to be a strong woman.

I never thought it will be the day that I had to say goodbye, to the person that I called mom #2. To the person, that took that little broken girl, whose childhood went to shambles, and gave her a sense of peace, and love. I can never repay for what you did for me.

I feel so numb that it isn’t even real, my last words to you was “I love you” and you said it back, and smiled. I would’ve never thought that would be the last time I heard your voice. You will forever have a place in my heart Mari.

Heaven needed their dancing angel back.

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